Month End: June & July

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to another (late) month end post! Over the last two months, I’ve been in different corners of the U.S., balancing work and summer classes, and soaking up all the creativity at the School of Styling!


In June, I went to Cape Cod with my boyfriend’s family! There are plenty of pictures from that trip here.

img_2037We also visited Michigan to see family. While we were there, we went to the boat marina, saw a couple of lighthouses, and smelled some of the beautiful Michigan lilac.

img_2444I came back home from Michigan to a very sweet surprise… fluffy, pink hydrangeas! My hydrangea bush was doing so well this year as opposed to last year.

img_2630One of my favorite things about being home for the summer is the bountiful farmer’s markets right down the road. Fresh blueberries, rosemary bread sticks, blooming dahlias, and ripe tomatoes are among my favorite finds.

We also took a short trip to Virginia Beach! My brother had some fun with his drone (you can view his footage here!) and I found a new love for oysters.


At the end of July, I had the privilege of attending the School of Styling in Greensboro, NC at the lovely McAlister-Leftwich house. I met so many inspiring ladies and aspiring creatives. What a breath of fresh air those days were! More pictures to come!