10 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Hello, everyone! Valentine’s Day is upon us and if you’re anything like me, you never know what to do to celebrate, it sneaks up on you, and you end up just eating sandwiches while doing homework in the library. And if you’re like me, then you’d rather spend the day and money on an activity with your valentine instead of giving chocolate, jewelry, or flowers (the price of flowers doubles!). Here are some date night ideas that we enjoy on any day of the week!

  1. Board games & homemade dinner – we prefer dominoes! Ever since I taught Logan how to play, he’s hooked! I honestly just think it’s because he won’t quit until he beats me.. Lol
  2. Bike ride & picnic in the park – for the warmer regions
  3. Valentine’s Day photo shoot – and then go out to dinner & a show because you’re already all dressed up! You can find the link to last year’s shoot here.
  4. Early morning walk to breakfast – I’m more of a morning person, but Logan won’t say no if there’s breakfast involved
  5. Day trip to somewhere you’ve never been – always exciting to visit some place new!
  6. Dinner and a movie – I know, I know.. its cliche, but a classic
  7. Art museum & afternoon tea – this was how we spent our first Valentine’s Day together!
  8. Take a class together – whether it’s cooking or painting
  9. Play a round of golf or a tennis match – these are our go-tos if the weather is warm and sunny
  10. Arcade games and bowling – don’t forget to stop by the photo booth!













It’s hard to believe that this is our third Valentine’s Day together… Here’s to many more!

Outfit details:

dress / similar heels dress shirt heart socks 

Photography by our sweet friend Brennley. Go check her work out!