Day Trip to Knoxville & Snow Day


Hello, everyone!! A couple weeks ago, Logan and I decided to take a trip to Knoxville. Since we’ve never actually been there and only driven through it, we thought it would be nice to explore the town a bit.


We went to brunch at Uncorked and had the best shrimp & grits! After our meal, we walked around and popped in and out of shops, mainly just so we could brave the cold wind in increments.

We stopped at The Art Market Gallery and fell in love with some of the pieces. Although scrolling through pinterest is easy and quick, I’d rather find inspiration in books and art when I have the time to.





After exploring downtown, we drove around to find a cup of coffee for the drive back, but every single place was packed! There was either no where to sit or no where to park, so we ended up just driving through some pretty Knoxville neighborhoods and took a pit stop at Target.


After wearing these flats for over two weeks now, I’m happy to say that they are so comfortable!! I’ve honestly never had a Kate Spade shoe that has given me blisters.

Here are just a few “snow” day pictures! We barely got any snow… It was just enough to dust the trees and the fur of our hoods.





Outfit details:

similar coat / flats / handbag / rain boots