28 Hours in Washington DC 

Over fall break, my mom, Logan, and I hopped on a train to Washington DC. I’ve been to DC two other times before when I was younger so I mostly just remember all the walking we had to do. This time, I was more of a seasoned walker so we tried to squeeze in everything we could within walking distance and caught a cab to the sites farther away. I was so excited to go back to DC because I like to compare my experiences I had as a child to the ones now.

After we got off the train, our mission for Saturday was to see all the monuments and memorials our feet could handle.

The last time I saw the White House I was about 8 years old and we were allowed to walk right up to the fence. I was even able reach my arm through the fence to grab a leaf to put in my mom’s purse.

I had a few packets of crackers in my purse from lunch and gave them away to the ducks in the Reflecting Pool. This post from Washingtonian of the Reflecting Pool ducks really will brighten your day.

We spent Saturday evening in Georgetown and my original plan was to visit Georgetown cupcake. Instead, I scored some Sprinkles cupcakes and Laduree macarons.

My favorite flavor is black & white! Sprinkles cupcakes just have the perfect frosting to cake ratio.

We decided to designate Sunday to as many parts of the Smithsonian as we could see. During our walk to the American History Museum, we stumbled across the Smithsonian Gardens.


This part of the museum was definitely a priority for my mom and me. It was fascinating to see something in person that I had only read about.


The Natural History Museum was my favorite of the Smithsonian that I’ve seen so far. It was so cool to see all the animals from around the world up-close and all the gemstones in a their raw forms. When we got back home, we were all very excited to watch Night at the Museum.



Before we headed back to the train station, we stopped for a bite at Art and Soul. I highly recommend their local grass fed burger with a side of macaroni and cheese!

Every cab driver we met said that DC has really grown within the last ten years. They said that everywhere they look there’s new buildings popping up and constant construction. It’s so uplifting to see a city growing and changing. I hope I get to spend more than 28 hours the next time I visit Washington DC because there’s so much we didn’t get to.

Outfit details:

The North Face Rain Jacket / LOFT Dress / Jack Rogers Sandals / Converse Sneaker Longchamp Backpack