Kate Spade Top


In case you don’t already know, my mom and I have been re-doing my room at home with everything Kate Spade. My bedding is the Willow Court duvet set (see here) and Kate Spade doesn’t make any window treatments yet, so we had to improvise.

While perusing around in Bed Bath & Beyond, I stumbled across some Kate Spade tablecloths that were the same pattern as my duvet! Since a tablecloth is basically the same thing as regular fabric I figured I could just make curtains out of that.


Outfit details:

Sunglasses are Kate Spade, similar here / shoes are Jessica Simpson, similar here / purse is Kate Spade, similar here / pants are J. Crew, can be found here  / ring is by Silver May, can be found here




Anyway, my mom and I weren’t sure if one tablecloth would fit the length of my window or two would, so she ended up buying one just to see and we ended up having to get another. The second one she bought was just a bit longer, so I had to hem it down some.

Obviously, I wasn’t going to just let that material go to waste, so I went straight to my sewing machine and whipped up a top! It took me about two hours to make altogether and is slightly similar to the red gingham dress I made before.




P.S. People make fun of or wearing clothes that look like tablecloths, but this one actually is a tablecloth!