Dorm Tour

I started college this month and life has been hectic. I took last week off from my two weekly blog posts because I was busy packing and unpacking all my dorm decor. I finally got settled in and found a few extra minutes to write this blog post.

I live in an apartment style dorm with my own private bed room, so I was able to make this little space completely me! I live with three other girls and each dorm bedroom is unique to each person. It’s like seeing a different world every time you step in someone else’s room and I love it!

Without further ado, here it is!


My bedding is part of the hotel collection from Macy’s and it can be found here. Mine is in the color navy. I wanted a classic style that can be used for a long period of time and eventually when I have my own home. The cotton is Egyptian and so, so soft.


My throw pillow is from Kate Spade and you can find it here. One side has a list of adventures and the other has a colorful picture that just makes me happy every time I look at it.


I picked up this rug from Wal-Mart while grocery shopping because I felt like my room needed an extra touch. A similar one can be found here.



My euro shams are from Bed Bath & Beyond in the color blush.



My nightstand is from Home Goods.


The step-by-step process for this eye mask can be found here.


Just pop into any local Hobby Lobby to find this lamp. They always have them in stock when I walk past the lamp aisle.



Above my bed I have three frames with peach and white matting. I originally painted two canvases to be above my bed. Then, I changed my mind and painted a different canvas. As you can see, they are not canvases and I changed my mind again. The frames are from Hobby Lobby and the pictures are of my family, friends, and dog.





Right now, my closet is only filled with summer clothes. I tried to bring the most minimal amount of clothing because I was worried I’d bring too much, but I actually brought too little.




This vase I bought from Home Goods reminds me of home because I have one in my room there.


Similar to the clothes, I only brought the jewelry that I wear the most. I have so much jewelry that sits in my jewelry box, so it was best to keep at home.


I like to keep my jewelry easily accessible. Plus, it’s a cute decoration all in itself.


I wanted to keep my desk pretty simple because I knew it would inevitably become cluttery with books, homework, paper, etc.


This trash can has been with me for years. It’s from PBteen and reads the words “trash only” in Tagalog. It reminds me of my family back in the Philippines.