Chocolate Fairy Bread


This is the easiest recipe to fix a sweet craving (especially when in college.) It is an Australian/New Zealand snack made from slices of bread, butter, and lots of sprinkles. However, this version replaces the butter for Nutella. All you do is take a slice of any sandwich bread, cut the crust off, spread a bit of Nutella on there, and press it into a plate of nonpareils. The crunch from the sprinkles and the softness of the bread are the perfect conflicting textures when stuck together by a chocolate hazelnut spread. Plus, the name is pretty cool too.  This recipe reminds me of when I was a child I used to take M&M’s and sandwich them in between two slices of bread.

You can have some fun with it and cut out some hearts or you can just slice it into triangles, which is how it is traditionally done. I have even seen some where it is a fairy bread roll-up! Happy fairy bread-ing!